Welcome to AgBiotechnics Ltd

AgBiotechnics Ltd is a Plant Biosciences company. AgBiotechnics Ltd was established to foster plant and agricultural biosciences innovations to generate and commercialise novel products and services.

Our economy and society is majorly dependent on plants and other photosynthetic organisms for provision of food, feed, fibre, fuel and chemicals that are the basis of our modern civilisation and economy.

The term "technics" is derived from the Greek word "techne" which refers to the rational method of producing an object or accomplishing a goal or objective. The term technics was used by Lewis Mumford (1934) to mean not only technology but also art, skill and dexterity whereby different modes of technology (including biotechnics) can be effectively harnessed to solve human problems.

Agbiotechnics Ltd is a 21st century company committed to advancing sustainable technological innovations through harnessing inter-disciplinary approaches and creativity.

AgBiotechnics Ltd recognises the pressing need for plant-based innovations that will allow us to meet our future food, feed & nutrition needs, while allowing a transition from a fossil-fuel based to a more sustainable bio-based economy.


  • Prof. C Spillane
  • Dr. M. Chatterjee


AgBiotechnics Ltd, 4 Castleview Terrace, Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland